Banner Print Technology vs. Banner Print Expertise

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Banner Print Technology

As printer technology improves, it is possible to order banners from a wide variety of places.  Even though they may not have experience, they rely upon the technology to make up for their lack of experience printing posters and banners.   So if there is no difference in the cost, why settle for less expertise when more expertise always matters.banner print technologyWould you want a surgeon who just graduated from medical school to perform your operation or a doctor that performed the same surgery successfully over 100 times?  That answer should be simple, you go with the experience every time.  Or maybe because it is not a complicated procedure, it is ok to accept less experience?  We don’t think so.

Perhaps that banner representing your business is just OK. Why not make sure it is done well?  It costs the same.  At DRS, it is knowing how to do the little things well that make the big things look great.  We are experts at printing large, especially large sized banners and posters.  That means that we hit the registration marks for the graphics, and we print the correct color for trademarked logos.  Plus we can advise customers when they request something that we know will not work well for their project because we understand how it should be done versus just letting a customer make a mistake.

Printing banners and posters correctly should always matter, like it does at DRS in Doylestown, PA. If it is worth printing the size of a poster it is worth printing right – trust the banner print technology at DRS!

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