Banners and signs can be purchased at lots of places these days…Right?

Modern Advertising Billboard

Banners and signs can be purchased at lots of places these days…Right?

The short answer to this question would be yes. But is that the end or just the beginning of the story? This question presumes that convenience is the major factor in where banners and signs are purchased and that variety, expertise and quality are either universal and/or are not important considerations. In that case, the answer would again be yes. However, if variety, expertise and quality happen to be important to you then perhaps convenience should not be the driving criteria for where banners and signs are purchased.

For example, why should you care about variety?

Variety may not be a factor if everything you want in a banner or a sign is in a standard size and on some basic materials. Should you want a sign or banner that is a little different (ie, will stand out from the crowd) then variety could become very important. Take a yard sign that you routinely see posted on lawns for different contractor services. Most are the same rectangular shape. Why, because it is the standard. But what if you wanted to draw more attention to your sign? It could be made in virtually any shape you desire. Or what if you wanted to have a sign a different size? The right place to get your signs and banners can make just about any size happen on a wide variety of materials.

Why should you care about expertise?

When print and graphic reproduction is your primary business, you have to know color, materials, and they can make recommendations regarding how banners and signs are being displayed so that they can serve their purpose and last versus finding your banner blocks away after a few gusts of wind. And, how about color? Any vendor can add color. Any vendor cannot always match the right color.

At DRS in Doylestown, our primary business is high quality print and graphic reproduction. We can produce those custom banner and sign shapes on a variety of materials, as well as producing a standard sign or banner. And, at DRS, getting more doesn’t mean you are paying more.

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