Blueprints: Digital vs Print Reproduction

digital blueprints printed

In Demand: Blueprint Reproduction

Is blueprint reproduction dead? Not yet!

More and more we continue to see businesses are taking their documents digital, including their blueprints.  This has become not only affordable but convenient with the advancements in technology from tablets to smartphones.  We love technology, it is thanks to technology we can print quality products with perfect color matching. We are advocates of having a digital copy and a backup of everything. BUT when it comes to your clients, deadlines, clear communication limited ‘safe’ access to power outlets on a construction site – it is important to have a hard copy readily available, especially with blueprints.

We say…. Why not have the best of both worlds? The convenience of digital for a quick look at something for yourself or another person and the hard copy to share with a larger team, for seeing the big picture and of course the printed blueprint will never run out of batteries! When is doubt always have a back up and print your blueprints.

blueprint reproduction

Digital has the ability to zoom in, access on demand great for a small group or another person.

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