Clear Coat Ink Beta Testing Challenge 2

CET and Full Scale Cut Out

Clear Coat Ink Beta Testing Challenge 2 – Solving the Ink Viscosity Challenges

DRS was recently selected by CET to help test and perfect the ability to add a clear coat option to the new state of the art CET flatbed direct printer capabilities. This task is complicated because most clear coats are via solvent inks. The CET uses UV inks which have different characteristics and cure properties. The UV varnish represents a new ink series for the CET and as such is theoretical regarding how it actually can work.

The challenges for DRS are working through a number of issues including the viscosity of the ink, the sensitivity of the ink to heat and to light. The ink viscosity also impacted the CET hardware as well. The feed lines were an issue, as well as the print heads themselves. The ink viscosity challenges that DRS had to overcome is; how to prevent the ink from clogging the print heads and possibly ruining the print heads, that are very costly to replace.

The ink viscosity issues regarding the ink flow and the flow through to the print heads was resolved by methodically working through a series of trials and tests until the problem was finally resolved.

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