Custom Shaped Yard Signs, A Differentiator

Custom Shape Yard Signs

If Differentiating your business is good, then why are most yard signs squares and rectangles?

Everyone knows that making your signage stand out is good for your business.  Yet, just about every yard sign you see tends to be either a square or a rectangle, which offers no differentiation at all.  This is simply poor marketing, when getting a custom shaped yard sign can cost about the same as a boring square or rectangle yard sign, but an impact can be tremendous.

Custom Shape Yard SignsImagine driving down the street and seeing a contractor sign on every lawn.  They can become boring and none of them stand out.  Especially since they are also generally one color and have no real distinctive features.  Some of them have clever designs and some are more professional than others.  But none of them can typically really catch the eye.

However place one yard sign that has a different shape and immediately the impact is greater.  Add color and the attention value of the sign sky rockets off the charts.  Why, because it is different than the old boring same shaped signs that most other contractors are using to promote their business.

You may be thinking, I never thought of a custom shaped sign and that it must be expensive.  Fortunately you would be wrong.  It does take specialized equipment to make custom shaped yard signs.  And fortunately DRS in Doylestown, has equipment that can easily transform boring square and rectangular signs into attention getting custom shaped signs for about the same cost as your old boring blend-in-with-the-crowd yard sign that your probably using today.

Why not give Mike a call today at 215-230-3533 to find out how little it costs to make your yard sign stand out with a custom shaped sign.

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