Do you need experience to print a Banner?

Banner Printers Philadelphia: Why should you care about expertise?

banner printers philadelphiaWhile technology advances is enabling more people with less experience to accomplish a lot, there is still no replacement for expertise and experience.  At DRS in Doylestown, they are wide format printing experts, where all they do is print large.  They are not the place to go for stationary or business cards, which is considered small format printing.   At DRS they have state of the art large format flatbed and roll feed printing equipment that can reproduce very fine detail images on a variety of surfaces.

Expertise matters and impacts even the simplest poster or banner design in a number of ways:

  1. COLOR
    Getting the color right. That may sound trivial but it is very important when working with companies that have logos and images.  Settling for colors that are only close may have an impact on the image people have of the company.  It may also impact how well the image is protected.
    Getting suggestions for how to improve a project could be important. Unless the customer is someone who routinely orders posters and banners, many of them could benefit from an expert making suggestions about how to improve the poster or banner to generate more impact.
    How durable does the poster or banner need to be? The folks at DRS can help you make better decisions about the kinds of materials that are available that can meet the needs for posters and banners for different situations.  For example, posters and banners that will be displayed in a medical facility should be produced with inks that are certified safe for medical facilities.
    What are options for making a poster of banner have more impact? At DRS posters and banners can be printed with layered ink to give a raised print effect.  Or you might choose to have spot gloss added to give emphasis to a part of the image to make it stand out.
    Do you need to have a protective laminate coat applied to your poster or banner to give it more durability outdoors in all kinds of weather? DRS has the expertise to give you suggestions on the different options available to achieve this weather durability.
    DRS can contour and shape posters and banners on their state of the art flatbed industrial router that can make complex cuts to all types of materials.

These are just a few of the ways that expertise matters in large format print reproduction.  Even the simplest poster or banner job can benefit from having it managed by people who do this job as a focus and not just part time.

Expertise always matters and when it comes to large format printing, it can be found at DRS in Doylestown.

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