Engineering and Architect Presentation Board Specialist


At DRS in Doylestown Pa, we have lots of experience preparing presentation boards for Architects and Engineers.  Our recommendation for presentation boars is to use foam core boards.  They are ridged and come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses.  The cost for foam core boards is in line with other similar products.

We also recommend direct printing onto the foam core boards.  Some printers may have to print on a sheet of paper first and then glue it onto the foam core board.  That process, unfortunately, can result in some wrinkles if the gluing process is not exact.  Our direct print process eliminates the possibility of wrinkles because we have the ability to print on the foam core surface itself.  We think our direct print process results in a better overall look. 

For presentation boards, we think that foam core boards are the way to go, in conjunction with direct printing on the foam core board surface.  That is the quality look that will make your presentation boards stand out. 

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