Expert Presentation Board Reproduction

Trust DRS in Doylestown to enlarge and reproduce your presentation boards to really impress your audience.  The fact that you need a presentation board by itself underscores the importance of the illustration that is on the board.  So why not make sure your illustration has the maximum impact you are seeking. 

We recommend starting with a foam core board.  They come in a variety of thicknesses and sizes, so you can have designed to sit on an easel or on a table top with an easel back attached.  The foam core boards are ridged so they hold up well and are more durable and weather resistant than card stock.  We also recommend direct print on the foam core board.  That way you can avoid getting some unsightly wrinkles on the board which can happen when illustration is printed on a separate sheet of paper and then glued to the foam core surface. 

Direct printing on foam core boards does require both special equipment and expertise to get it right.  You need a flat-bed printer in order to print directly onto rigid materials like foam core boards.  The foam core boards require some special handling since finger prints on the unprinted surface can interfere with the printing process. 

Trust DRS to be your presentation board headquarters.  We specialize in foam core presentation boards and we have the printing equipment to direct print onto the foam core boards for that expert, presentation board look, that you are seeking.