A New Cruse Scanner is coming to Doylestown

Large Format Scanning

The Cruse Scanners are widely recognized around the world as among the best scanners you can buy.  That is why they are typically found in fine museums and major universities, where it is important to capture the fine details of both flat and three-dimensional objects.  The scanner that is coming to Doylestown is a brand new state of the art Cruse Scanner that has been customized to meet the specifications of DRS in Doylestown.

The new Cruse Scanner will have a new led lighting system that should provide better color and dimension to the scans.  It has the patented German optics that are extremely precise.  It comes with upgraded and updated software to enable the customers to enhance the scan image in order to add more depth and contrast. 

Customers had already been praising the results they were getting from the old Cruse Scanner at DRS.  We expect the will be even more excited about the new Cruse Scanner and what it can do.  A brand new state of the art Cruse Scanner is on its way from Germany to DRS in Doylestown.

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