Poster Size Laminating and Larger

high quality affordable posters in philadelphia

Large size laminating is now available at DRS in Doylestown.  We are your larger format printer and we can also laminate any large size posters or banners that we produce.  Lamination seals your print work and can make it more durable and more weather resistant. 

We can laminate your important large size prints to preserve them and to extend their useful life.  Our lamination is a heat treated process that actually bonds the laminating material to the print.  Our process combines a heat and pressure process that is designed to eliminate any bubbles in the process resulting in a smooth clear process that encapsulates and surrounds your prints in a protective cover on both sides.

Laminating is important for any large size prints that are going to be moved and handled repeatedly.  It provides protection for the prints without requiring bulky frames that may be more difficult to transport and ship from site to site.  It gives the print tremendous weather protection as well.

Our lamination comes in a variety of thicknesses to better meet your print preservation needs.  We even offer laminations that can enhance documents and artwork by adding a variety of textures that can add dimension to the prints.

We are a wide format printer specializing in large poster size prints and larger.  We can now also add the extra protection of any of our large format prints by laminating any prints we produce.

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