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Posters – No longer just a __ by _ size printed on poster board

When most people think about posters, they typically imagine the standard __ by __ size that is printed on a card poster board stock.  However, poster printing has come a long way.  Posters are no longer just for stapling onto telephone posts.  At DRS in Doylestown Pa, you can have your posters printed on a variety of materials in just about any size you want.  I guess at some point it becomes more than a poster, especially when you can get it printed wall size. 

However, size is not the only difference in poster printing.  How about varying what the poster is printed on as well.  How about a poster printed on foam core?  Or, why not consider printing your poster on a more durable material like wood, glass, Plexiglas, or even aluminum so that it can last a lifetime. 

At DRS, you can even choose to add shape to your poster.  At DRS, your poster can be printed on a variety of materials, in a variety of poster sizes, and even in a variety of poster shapes.  By adding shapes to your posters, your posters will automatically stand out and attract more attention.  Shapes can add character to your poster message and can enhance the message you want to convey.  For example, a poster message about prescription drugs could be designed with a prescription pill bottle shape. 

Come to DRS for your next poster project and explore the possibilities of how easily and affordable it is to create a custom poster, utilizing size, shape, and material to make your poster unique and impactful.


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