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For Immediate Release

Company: Digital Reprographic Services (DRS), in Doylestown, Pa
Contact: Mike Stafford (215) 230-3533

Cruse Digital Scanning, Now Available in Doylestown

One of the best regarded digital scanners is the Cruse line of flat bed scanners from Germany.  These scanners are renowned for their ability to provide image scans of 3 dimensional objects as well as pictures.  The Cruse Scanner employs a touch-less process which makes it ideal for capturing images of fragile original documents, and fine art prints.   In addition to their patented lenses, the Cruse scanner utilizes lighting that provides true color images or the original work.

The new Cruse Scanner provides DRS with the ability to provide customers with one stop service for capturing and reproducing superior quality images of objects, and pictures. DRS has already established a reputation for it’s high quality digital printing capabilities.  One of the new digital flat bed printers DRS obtained last year, has the ability to print white and it can print on just about any material including glass, metal, and fabric.

The Cruse scanner now makesDRSan ideal place for any artists or gallery that wants high quality reproductions of original works of art captured digitally and printed.   Plus, with the new digital technology at DRS, it is now affordable for artists to have their paintings and drawings reproduced as they need them, rather than having to invest in large quantities of prints to make it affordable. Anyone who desires to have the highest quality digital capture of their products, precious documents, artwork and more, can achieve that with the Cruse Scanner now at DRS.

It will no longer be necessary to travel to Philadelphia or to New York to get digital images produced by a Cruse Scanner.  It is now available locally at DRS in Doylestown, Pa.


Learn More about the Cruse Scanner at Digital Reprographics Solutions.

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