Printed Fabric Posters

demo of CET printer

Printed Fabric Posters – What a great idea!!

Why not break the traditional mold and do something that is different and very memorable, such as printing your next poster on fabric instead of standard poster card stock.  At DRS in Doylestown Pa, they have a variety of printers that give them the ability to customize your next large format printing project in ways that most other wide format printers cannot. 

For example, DRS has both roll-fed and a flatbed printer.  The flatbed printer is capable of direct printing on a variety of materials including fabric.  Most commercial posters are designed to communicate an important message.  But first, it needs to attract attention before it can have an impact.  Think about the impact of creating a business poster on fabric that your current customers and your potential future customers will want to keep and even display because it is so unique. 

Or how about printing that same keepsake poster on another unique material like metal, wood, plastic or even glass.  At DRS in Doylestown, they specialize in handling specialty printing projects for clients. Plus they can also print the routine posters, and banners as well. 

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