Printing Power Partner in White and Varnish

can you print with varnish

From one printer to another, we get it – it’s a business and we are in it together – when it comes to supporting customers.

Just like you, we want to provide the best quality print work, every time. We know many printers use the same or similar equipment in the large format printing world. As a business owner of a printing company it can be frustrating when a client requests a job that you cannot complete in house. Since they are a loyal client, you do not want to turn them away.  So you willingly add a level of complexity with a second vendor, timelines outside your control and the promise they will deliver the same quality of work you do.

At Digital Reprographic Solutions (DRS) we get it – it’s all about the customer and providing high quality work. We have made it our business to focuses on helping companies like you.  We have focused on the latest and greatest in the large format print world and have sought perfection for running each of our machines at the optimum level for each type of substrate requested for print. We invested in similar equipment the one off machines that allow us to do things most in house printers cannot.

At DRS we like to work with other Printers – we want to build relationships with you. Printers know the language, timelines, and potential of a project. We want to deliver the projects that cannot be completed in house, or if you are backlogged, we can step in on a one off project. Bottom line, we want you to you look good for your customer.

What’s hot right now at our shop? Printing white and printing with varnish. Check out our blogs for the value of printing white and how varnish can really make your posters pop. These two seemingly simple items are changing projects and adding that WOW factor that make customers rave about print.

They are two of many reasons our print colleagues turn to DRS for their outsourcing needs. If you want to learn more or discuss a project, give us a shout.



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