Giclée Prints

What exactly are Giclée Prints?

Definition of Giclée Prints

1 : a process by which high-quality prints are produced using an ink-jet printer

2 : or inkjet prints : a print produced by the giclée process
“The high end of inkjet printing are the giclée prints…The name is derived from the French verb “gicler” meaning to squirt, or more accurately in this case, an extremely fine spray of many different sized droplets. This application of overlapping dots of ink mixes, forming additional color combinations. The application of the inks in this printing process is so fine that there are no discernible dots or droplets on the final print.”

Giclée prints is an industry term for high-end inkjet printing, which at DRS Imaging & Print is everything we do. Giclée prints are associated with high quality inks (200 year lightfastness), materials (ph neutral, acid free products), and print quality (very, very small dots and high resolution printing). In addition, at DRS we specialize in large color gamuts so colors are brought to life. We print art with CMY, [PhotoK], [MatteK], [PhotoM], [PhotoC], Gray, [PhotoGray], Red, and Blue inks. And for photo prints, a chromatic optimizer to varnish and even out the glossy quality of photo paper prints.

Our Process for Giclée Prints


At DRS Imaging & Print the giclée process starts with our in-house Cruse scanner. The Cruse scanner is renowned world-wide for its state-of-the-art ability to capture the most valuable images for print reproduction. Because it is suited for rare documents, fragile artworks and 3-D scans it uses touchless technology. We also have the ability to scan works in large sizes. To learn more about our Cruse scanner click here.

Materials and Ink

After the scanning process is complete we move to our materials and inks. Because at DRS, we offer a wide variety of high end substrates including ph neutral and acid free products. Our substrates include various textures and finishes such as glossy and matte photo paper, watercolor paper, cotton canvas, pre-coated canvas and textured vinyl. Our wide variety of options allow you to pick the format of your choice. We offer standard formats from small to large or even panoramic sizes. Our prints are available up to 60″ long while most shops are limited to 44″.

Using only the highest quality inks and printers, DRS chooses inks with a 200 year lightfastness and uses fade-resistant dyes and archival pigment-based inks. We chose these inks because they produce high quality finishes for artists, galleries, print shops and more. As a result, giving your art a look that is very close to the original.

Artists of all kinds choose DRS to make reproductions of their fine art, photographs, digital art and more. We have the power to take on anything. Our high end printer technologies allow us to print on virtually any substrate to create signage, vehicle wraps, décor, stickers, posters and more while delivering the highest quality and a quick turn around. This allows the artist to order giclée prints reproductions on an as-needed bases to match demand and without having to invest in a large order quantity up front.

At DRS new ideas and visions are welcomed and your artwork is brought to life.


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