We think of posters like small signs.  The only difference, if any, would be the materials they are printed on.  For example, most people assume a poster is printed on either a heavy paper or a light card stock. While that might be true for the most commonly printed posters, it is not your only option when you print a poster at DRS in Doylestown, PA. Here we specialize in our ability to direct print on a variety of materials, let your poster printer explain.  

The fun of a printing a poster is when you can add a finishing service, varnishes for texture or directly print onto an uncommon substrate like wood, glass, metal or foam core. We offer a wide variety of materials and a number of coatings that can make your posters weather resistant for outdoor usage. Ask about any of these options and if you want something you don’t see – just ask.

When we say we can print directly on a variety of materials, we mean we have the expertise to use the right inks and print preparations to insure that our print really bonds to the surface of the materials we are printing on.  That is important if you want a poster where the print can be easily removed or damaged just by rubbing it.

poster printer in doylestown paSTANDARD POSTER SIZES

The standard sizes and most common in the print industry are: 12×18, 18×24, and 24×36.  

However, at DRS, we offer standard sizes but we specialize in custom sizes for your posters on a variety of materials.  You can even print oval and any custom shaped posters. 


With our state of the art technology we direct print onto the substrate (material) which means less steps, time and materials needed to be purchased.

A common example is a poster on foam core. At another print shop they will likely print the poster first on paper then mount the paper poster to foam core, poster board or gator board. That way is not only using more materials but it increases the time of production.

We pride ourselves on efficiency, quality and technology which allows our customers to THINK BIG with their posters. So when you think posters, why not direct print with DRS and add a few extra touches like gloss or varnish giving your poster that extra pop.


  • Paper Stock, sometimes referred to as poster paper
  • Card Stock (80lb, 140lb, 180lb)


  • Foam Core
  • Clear Window Cling Material
  • Wood
  • Plexiglas
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Vinyl
  • Canvas
  • a variety of fabric material


  • Vertical Posters (standard)
  • Horizontal Posters
  • Unusually Large Posters
  • Oval
  • Custom Shapes
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