Flatbed Cutting

Flatbed Cutting: DRS Introduces Die Cutting Services 

DRS recently acquired a Multicam XY and Z digital flatbed die cutter, which is a marvelous combination of the latest computerized technology and industrial functionality for flatbed cutting.  The Multicam is capable of taking a variety of materials and making cuts, scoring, designs in on or through the materials.   Many die cutting services are limited in the types of materials they can handle.  And while every piece of equipment has limitations, the multicam goes far beyond what most other die cutting equipment can do.

For projects requiring special shapes, cut-outs, even kiss cutting, DRS is now more than capable of providing this service.  For example, projects requiring:

  • Kiss Cutting
  • Prototype Packaging
  • Extrusions
  • Patterns and Cutouts
    • Canter Bevels
    • Facet Bevels
    • Flush Bevels
    • Side Bevels
    • Creases
    • Perforations
    • Slits
    • Engraving
    • Gaskets

You name it.  Our new Multicam equipment is more than capable of providing these services and more.  In addition to providing die cutting services for traditional materials, the multicam’s foundation is an industrial router which means that it can handle a wider range of materials including paper, cardboard, wood, plastic, Plexiglas, and non-ferrous metals.  It even has the ability to pre-fab kitchen cabinets including dove tail joints.

DRS believes in and also invests in training, which we feel is critical to insure that we are fully capable of operating state of the art equipment as it should be managed.  This means that you can be assured that we can handle your project and provide you with results that will astound you and at a price that is a lot lower than you might expect.  We understand that it takes a unique combination of skill sets to manage the new state of the art print reproduction equipment, in order to maximize their capabilities.  We have the expertise needed to efficiently set up our shop to fully take advantage of our state of the art equipment and their capabilities.  This results in a better product for our customers at a lower price because of our production efficiencies.

Now you can make a full size photo of someone into a self-standing cut out image just like one of the displays you might see in the movies.  Just bring in a digital photo and DRS can reproduce that image for you and make a life size self-standing image for you.  Just think of the many times this capability could come in handy:

  • Birthday Parties
  • Special Anniversaries
  • Corporate Meetings and Conventions
  • Weddings
  • Custom Shape Signs and Ornaments

There are so many applications for our new die cutting service that this list can go on and on.  At DRS we are constantly seeking to add services we believe are important for our customers and to make ours a one stop shop for all of your wide format print and graphic reproduction needs.

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