Flatbed Printing

Flatbed Printing: Gives Customers More Options and Better Quality

Many print companies use roll fed printers.  They can print a continuous number of images as the paper rolls through the print heads.  However, most signs are not just on paper or materials that can fit on a roll.  So any sign or banner that needs to be on a material that cannot be fed via a roll is typically stenciled.  That means the printer prints letters and or images onto the roll fed material and then cuts them out and adheres them to the sign or banner material.

Flatbed printing has the advantage of being a direct print process.  It means that the material is stable and the printing heads move over the material as it prints.  This flatbed direct print process, enables customers to have signs directly printed on a variety of materials, and are not limited to just roll fed mediums.  So rather than having a stencil glued to a solid surface sign, the flatbed printer at DRS in Doylestown can print directly on wood, glass, plastic, Plexiglas, aluminum and yes even paper.  In fact the flatbed printer at DRS can print on just about anything.

So for your next sign or banner, think about the quality you can get from a direct print job on a flatbed printer.  And it might even be less expensive than a cut out stenciled sign that you get from many other printers which don’t have a flatbed printer like DRS in Doylestown.

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