Need help with laminating? Applying a laminate coating to a poster or sign offers great protection from elements and accidental contact that could damage the poster or sign.  At DRS, we are experts in adding a variety of laminate coatings to all sizes of signs and posters.  Call DRS to discuss what thickness of laminate is best for your project based on how and where it is going to be displayed.

Laminating Projects for Protection

LaminatingLaminates can now offer more than protection.  There are new laminate materials that can add dimension to a sign or poster, with a variety of designs and patterns that can make signs and posters appear three dimensional.  For example, you can add a laminate cover that adds a leather-like texture to the image it is covering.  For an image that features leather pictures, a leather textured laminate might be a great choice.  It can add a texture that can compel people to want to touch the image.  That alone will add a lot of value, because now an advertiser can actually create a poster that will create a buzz and have people talking about the poster.

Our favorite new laminate is a prism type image that actually adds a 3 dimensional look to the image.  It adds depth to any image.  It will compel people to want to reach out and touch the image because it appears to be 3 dimensional.  There are a number of new designs for laminates and this is just the beginning.  The sky is the limit.

A good place to see what these new laminates look like is at DRS in Doylestown. Let Mark or Mike show you samples of some of the varieties of laminates that are available and learn how they can add texture or a 3 dimensional depth to your next poster that will add the wow factor to your images. Not local to the Philadelphia area? No problem, we ship anywhere in the USA!

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