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Scanning Services with the Cruse Scanner

New Addition in 2018

DRS utilizes a Cruse Scanner to digitally capture images for print reproduction. The Cruse Scanner line is renowned for its state-of-the-art ability to impeccably capture the most valuable images in the world. As one of the best scanners available and it is ideally suited for rare documents, fragile documents and three dimensional scans. The cruse scanner is a touch- less scanner. That means it captures images without having to cover or touch the objects being scanned in any way.

If you haven’t seen the extraordinary results of a Cruse Scanner, you haven’t seen the finest imaging available in the world.  

It is the gold standard in digital reproduction.  Change how the world sees your images with a Cruse Scanner. 

Scanning applications of the Cruse are endless, learn how it is starting to change industries for the better.

What makes the Cruse Scanner one of the best scanners available in the Philadelphia area? The Cruse Scanner is peerless in the world of digital reproduction. Rarely available in the commercial market, it features touch-less technology, balanced light without shadows, versatile lenses and propriety software that ensures every detail is as true to the original as possible.

7 Reasons the Cruse Scanner is Your Go-To Scanner

No-Heat Lighting for Scans

  • The Cruse Scanner unique lighting system insures that the objects being scanned are in true light. Moreover it is balanced light that insures that the entire surface of the objects and documents being scanned are all in the same light.
  • State of the art no-heat LED lighting to protect heat sensitive documents (wax seals for example)

Shadow Control for Scanning Effects

  • Greater depth and dimension.
  • Options to scan with shadow for texture or without shadow for preservation.  

Proprietary Scanning Software

  • The software coordinates the various aspects of the scanning process to insure that all details are captured as true to the original as possible.
  • Special blending algorithms that allow us to digitally blend dimensional objects for striking visual fidelity

Touch-less Design

  • The Cruse Scanner is great for all types of documents and objects because it is a no-touch scanning system. That means that fragile objects and documents can be safely scanned without any danger of the scanning process harming them.
  • The Cruse Scanner lenses are extremely versatile and precise for depth control.
  • Maximum depth of 9″ to scan dimensional items.

Versatility of Scanning Media

  • The Cruse Scanner has the ability to scan large objects up to 36” X 48” without stitching.
  • Oversize originals can be digitally and seamlessly stitched together using the new Cruse tools we have available.

Quality Output of the Scan

  • The Cruse Scanner is widely endorsed by artists and museums as the preferred method for capturing their works of art for reproduction and archival needs.

It is easy to see why the Cruse Scanner is so well respected as one of the leading flatbed scanners available. At DRS, we add yet another dimension to our service and that is training. We recognize that having great state of the art equipment also requires state of the art operators who are fully trained to get the highest performance out of the equipment. At DRS, we invest heavily in training to insure that our state of the art equipment results in state of the art print reproduction for our clients in the greater Philadelphia region and beyond.

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