The Devil is in the Details

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The devil is in the details  is an expression that can be applied to a variety of situation.  It usually refers to agreements where there is general agreement about the overall position, but it is not a done deal until the finer points are worked out.  That same expression is applicable to almost everything that is done.

Think about it. 

What good is the most perfectly formed letters in a calligraphy note if just one of the words is spelled incorrectly?  That one error can sort of take down the whole message.  It doesn’t matter how fine the stationary the message is penned upon, or how expensive the inks that were used, or how much the calligrapher was paid to create the message.

Unfortunately, the detail focus is missing a lot.  The medium rare steak that came back medium well, or the coat from the dry cleaners still has an obvious stain on the sleeve.  The martini that I ordered dirty came with just one olive.  I could go on and on about how the lack of detail is causing havoc more frequently.  However there are still places you can go where deviling the detail is still done frequently and routinely.

Anyone persnickety about getting the right color, or have a fine printing detail job where you need a magnifying glass to look at the fine print, to read it.  That takes both the right equipment and the right training on how to use the equipment.  You need both.

At DRS, deviling the detail is stilla way of life.  And their state of the art equipment means that you don’t have to worry about getting the color right or how fine a line needs to be reproduced.  At DRS, they specialize in large format printing that can reproduce spider web thin lines legibly on just about any printable surface.  And they will probably surprise you by how affordable they are to make your job shine.

If you are an, artist, art director, photographer, engineer, designer, or just someone who is interested in getting what they pay for, you need to get to know DRS, where deviling the detail to get it right is a way of life.

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