The Psychology of Color Purple

brands using purple

Purple is seen as the color of royalty and success. The earliest purple dyes date back to about 1900 B.C. It would take 12,000 shellfish to extract enough to dye a single garment. Since the dye was so rare it became something only available to the wealthy aristocrats. When a brand uses purple it is to symbolize their companies excellence. Purple can also be seen as a color of maternity and comfort.

Cadbury and Welch’s both use purple in their branding and it seems to have paid off. With Cadbury the purple is a fantastic complement to the brown of the chocolate, together giving off a feel of smooth silky luxury. Welch’s uses purple to remind people of their grapes. They use a very deep purple in order to make their product seem more rich since it becomes more of a contrast.

Other companies that use purple include:

  • Hallmark
  • Yahoo
  • The Baltimore Ravens
  • NYU
  • Taco Bell


Brands that Use Purple



A Splash of Purple


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