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One of the key things you want to have happen at a trade show is to be noticed.  That is easier said than done when there are so many booths in an aisle that tends to make it hard to distinguish one booth from another.  However there are things that you can do to make your booth stand out among the crowd.

  1. SIGNAGE.  Take full advantage of the space that is available to you.  That does not mean that you make every effort to fill every space but that you use it strategically to make a difference.
  2. IMAGE.  There are a number of image issues that you should be paying attention to: your personal image, posture and animation, actions, cleanliness and more.
  3. PRIZE. A drawing giveaway to collect business cards is a great idea.  Use great signage for the prize and use the giveaway as a draw to your booth.
  4. BRANDED GIVEAWAYS. Promotional materials with your logo on them to draw people to your booth, but with a little planning and creativity, it is possible to make your giveaways more relevant.
  5. FOLLOW UP PLAN.  Don’t just collect cards for the sake of collecting cards.  Depending upon your product or service everyone who places a card into your giveaway may not seem to be a customer.  But every card is important.  The fact is that some cards are more important than others.

These 5 tips will help your business get noticed, solidify your image, draw in visitor and collect potential customer information. If properly executed you will be able to maximize not only your space but also your time! Good luck.

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