Visual Communication through Shapes

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Visual Communication through Shapes

Golfer Crossing - Visual SignsYou cannot go anywhere and not see shapes substituting for written communication.  For example, most automobile drivers would recognize the shape of a stop sign even if it did not have any words on it.  Driving in Mexico, the stop signs says alto, but because it is the same shape, it is easy to see that it is a stop sign even if you do not speak Spanish.  Or how about the electronic signs at crosswalks in many  major international cities, that now display a visual of a raised hand indicating that people should not cross.

Shapes have long been used to enhance communication.  Barber poles were once a standard way to indicate that the barber shop was located at that spot.  It could typically be viewed from blocks away when it was not possible to actually read any words.  Shapes can clearly enhance the communication process.

Can you think of a shape that would enhance your business sign?  A roofer might consider a sign that has a house shape with the roof enlarged, or an electrician might consider a large plug for a shape to add to their sign.  The point is that adding shape to a sign can not only more easily communicate the service, it is also a point of differentiation which is critical in a competitive world.  By adding shape to your signs, your sign will get more notice and more notice means more business.

DRS in Doylestown specializes in helping businesses to transform dull rectangle yard signs into dramatic attention getting shaped yard signs that will get more attention.  Give DRS a call at 215-230-3533 to find out how affordable it is to transform your yard signs into attention getting custom shapes.

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