What does the word “Protection” mean to you?

UV Print Protection for Outdoor Signs

What does the word “Protection” mean to you?uv protectionOut of context, the word could have a variety of meanings. For example, to a young teenager, it could mean a foil package in their wallet. To someone in the witness protection program it could mean a new identity. To someone who is a member of the NRA it probably means having a firearm. To some high profile international bankers it could mean hiring bodyguards. This list could go on and on with a variety of different meanings.

In the world of sign and graphic production the word “protection” includes a variety of laminating And finishing processes to weather proof anything from precious and important documents to signs and banners that are exposed to the elements. At DRS, we are experts at helping to protect printed documents from harm. Our lamination and finishing services include 3 mil and 5 mil encapsulation options along with heat sealing for mounting projects. DRS offers a variety of mounting options for your projects as well.

At DRS the word “UV Protection” refers to our expertise in making sure your important sign, banners, blueprints, and documents are safe from the abuses of time and weather. We can be your one stop shop for producing and protecting your printed materials or just come to DRS for our expertise in our Protection (laminating and finishing) services.

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