What is the Definition of a Cheap Sign?

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Where to buy cheap signs?

cheap signsSounds like a simple question, but it is not. Where do you buy quality cheap signs?

  • A cheap sign could mean something that just doesn’t look as nice as other signs
  • A cheap sign could be a sign that is printed well but on material that is not substantial.
  • A cheap sign could be a sign that not printed well, has faded colors, wrong colors, and etc.
  • A cheap sign could be a reflection of a store that only does signs part-time, and are not really trained to help you make a really great sign.


  • A cheap sign could mean a sign that is less costly and represents a better value.

Cheap signs can be purchased almost anywhere. There are hundreds of places where inexperienced part time workers will be happy to produce a “cheap sign” for you. For a better value however, you should go where signs are a specialty, like DRS in Doylestown. At DRS, wide format graphic reproduction is what they do.   They have the expertise and the right equipment to produce a high quality, attention grabbing sign at an eye opening value price.   Visit DRS in Doylestown, when you are looking for a better, cheap sign.

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