Why settle for just a square or rectangle?

custom sign or traditional sign

Amazing may be the best description for the latest acquisition at DRS, your local Doylestown large format print and graphics reproduction center.  Their newest piece of equipment, a Mulitcam, is capable of taking a variety of materials and customizing it to a variety of cutouts and scoring.

What does this means in plain English? Now DRS, right here in the Greater Philadelphia Region, has the capability of in-house finishing of digital signs and graphic images with any shape or design you can think of.  For example, their new Multicam die cutting machine is based on an industrial router that can cut shapes, score materials for folding, or finish edges of a variety of sign materials like wood, plastic, Plexiglas, and even aluminum.

We challenge you and your marketing department to think out side of the square and retangular proverbial box and start thinking of custom printed signs, shapes and designs. When it comes to being memorable it takes an image display worth talking about, is  yours?

http://uaddit.com / jobsintown.com


Learn More about Die Cutting Services offered by Doylestown’s Digital Reprographic Solutions.

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