Foam Core Posters

What exactly is Foam Core?

From foam core posters to foam board, presentation board, poster board and display board. We’ve heard it called everything underneath the sun. No matter what you call it at DRS we’ve got it! Foam core is a strong lightweight material with a smooth surface that is durable and resistant to warping. It’s made of three layers, with two outer paper sides and an inner sandwiched layer of foam.

Foam core is perfect for all kinds of uses.

  • Mounting prints
  • Photographs
  • Menus
  • Lobby signs
  • Galleries
  • Event displays
  • And More…


Foam core posters are a cost-effective solution for presentations, events, and more. Offering a sturdy and smooth service for direct printing, it’s perfect for hanging and resists bending unlike posterboard. Its lightweight features make it easy for shipping and transporting and at DRS, we offer a wide variety of high-end foam core options including acid-free products.

Various textures and finishes are also possible, and our wide variety of options allow you to pick the format of your choice. Choose to laminate your foam core for a protective finish or add a textured or glossy finish to complete the look. Contact DRS today, and see how we can help you take on your next foam core project.

We offer standard formats from small to large, panoramic sizes as well as die cut and oversized options. Using only the highest quality printers and inks, DRS strives to produce high quality finishes for artists, galleries, print shops and more. For an even higher end look be sure to check out our Giclee page. At DRS, we have the power to take on anything. Our high-end printer technologies allow us to print direct on foam core surfaces to create signage, décor, posters and more while delivering the highest quality and quick turnarounds.

At DRS new ideas and visions are welcomed and your artwork is brought to life.

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