Power of the Cruse Professional Scanning

Cruse Scanner for Fine Art

Professional Scanning Capabilities in Bucks County

The Cruse Scanner has a broad range of applications and audiences.  Learn how the Cruse professional scanning is elevating quality and expectations from the art world to historical documents and 3D scans right here in Greater Philadelphia. Here is what we have seen in the industry.

Artists Use of the Cruse Scanner

professional scanningChange how the world sees your art – Artists applaud the Cruse Scanner’s patented methods of capturing the finest details of a work of art. The machine’s design and unique lighting system allow us to scan large objects with consistent lighting and then flawlessly, digitally stitch the image together.  What sets the Cruse apart is its 36” by 48” flatbed scanner, which delivers a flawless reproduction in any size. Its design and unique lighting system allow us to scan large objects and then flawlessly, digitally stitch the image together.  

Artists around the world endorse the Cruse for its unparalleled technology and delivery of expert images of original artwork.  Additionally, only the Cruse scanner has the ability to capture the all-important depth of an artists’ work, a feature that sets it apart from all other scanners.

Print Industry Needs the Cruse Scanner

In a business world where competition is fierce, cutting-edge scanning technology can be the difference between gaining a client or losing one. With its state-of-the-art digital capture capabilities and patented German optics, the Cruse offers maximum sharpness in both flat and 3D textures. Additionally, Cruse-scanned images can be stored or used to produce exact duplicates of previously created scans.

Historical/Archival Scanning with the Cruse Scanner

Museums, universities, libraries and other public and private institutions benefit greatly by the range of applications and unique technology the Cruse provides.  Because the Cruse utilizes LED lighting, the absence of heat, damaging ultra-violet rays and limited lamp exposure, ensure the preservation and protection of even the most sensitive documents.

In addition, the Cruse Scanner has the ability to diminish imperfections in an original work, such as a wrinkle or crease in a document, work of art, or other significant item, without compromising the quality of the rest of the scan. The Cruse can also reproduce the work with its imperfections, if that is the desired outcome. The touch-less Cruse scanner digitally captures the most fragile, rare pieces, on par with museums like the Smithsonian and the Louvre. 

Museum Quality Scans for Personal Use with the Cruse

The Cruse scanner will exceed your every expectation. Whether your reproduction needs include a portrait, a photograph or painting, this world-class scanner will capture your image perfectly. Designed to recreate an immaculate copy, the Cruse provides the finest color and dimension, with features to enhance each scan.

How will you use the Cruse Scanner?

The Cruse Scanner is peerless in the world of digital reproduction. Rarely available in the commercial market, it features touch-less technology, balanced light without shadows, versatile lenses and proprietary software that ensures every detail is as true to the original as possible. Simply put, there is no image the Cruse cannot perfectly capture, archive and store. Request a FREE QUOTE for your project.

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