Printed Metal Posters

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Printed metal posters – What a great idea

Posters can be posters or they can be spectacular keepsakes that people will hang in their homes and cherish them for a long time.  At DRS in Doylestown, we have the ability to print on just about anything.  That is because we have both roll-fed and flatbed printers.  That means we can print directly onto just about any flat surface, but that is just part of the story.

For example, unlike paper and cardstock, flat rigid materials like metal, can be challenging to print and have the ink stick.  On paper and cardstock, the ink is partially absorbed into the material and so getting the ink to stick is no problem.  Flat surfaces like metal, do not absorb the ink.  Therefore, it takes experts like Mike and Mark who know how to treat metal surfaces so that the ink can and does stick. 

When you need a simple poster printed, you can probably go just about anywhere to have it done.  When you have a poster print job that is not ordinary, you need to get to know DRS in Doylestown.  They have the equipment and the expertise to get your special project done right the first time. 

At DRS in Doylestown, we print big and we print special.

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